Microneedling - Collagen Induction Treatment


What is Microneedling

Microneedling is a skin-rejuvenating procedure in which tiny needles create channels in the top layer of skin with the goal of improving overall texture and appearance through initiating skin's own collagen and elastin production.

We know what you're probably thinking: poking little holes into your face in the name of beauty sounds insane. But experts agree that when done properly, microneedling is relatively risk-free and can have real benefits for your skin.

The treatment works well and results are long lasting.


How Microneedling improves the skin apperance

Collagen & Elastin production naturally slows down as we age, Microneedling jumpstarts your natural, extremely increased collagen and elastin production which improves skin elasticity, tone and texture.



The entire procedure takes about 45-60 minutes. 

1. Cleansing 

2. Mild Exfoliation.

3. If needed a numbing cream is applied for 15 min.

4. Then the microneedling device with needles (12 needles tip or 36 needles tip) are moved across the skin gliding on and pushing into skin Vit.C, E & Hyaluronic Acid serum or very beneficial Bone Marrow Stem Cells Serum!

Which Skin Conditions Can Be Treated?

Fine Lines & Wrinkles


By boosting collagen and elastin amount in your skin - skin's layer gets thicker and more even in texture and color.



* dark, sun, aging spots

* melasma (to certain degree)

* other skin discolorations

Acne / Excess Oiliness


Skin's own healing process also adjusts and balances oil production.



* acne

* surgical

Stretch Marks


Increased collagen and elastin production in conjunction with bone marrow stem cells can replace damaged skin cells with new, healthy skin cells.



Deepest level on microneedling is designed to reach cellulite, break it down and even out fat and water levels within cells.

What to Expect After & Post Care


Immediately after procedure

Redness - will go away within hours to 4 days

Numb Sensation - will go away within hours

First 7 Days

Redness will reduce over time - some people return to their own color within couple hours, some in 1-4 days.

Mild Swelling may occur - it will also go away within first week while skin heals.

"Sun burn" sensation - feeling itchy and tight will also go eventually away but it is expected to last 3-7 days (even up to 10 for who receives microneedling for the first time.

Peeling is absolutely expected to happen, usually starts around 3-4th day after procedure and last couple to few days - your skin is rejuvenating itself - shadding old skin cells and replacing it with new, healthier ones!

Post Care

* Do NOT let anyone or anything dirty to touch your treated area.

* Wash your hands each time you want to apply post care products

* First 48 hours: Apply generously multiple times a day post care cream Zensa and/or Vit.C Serum. Keep your skin generously covered with it at all times. Try to avoid using SPF - don't leave the house if possible or wear big hat.

* 3rd-10th day: continue applying Zensa cream and/or Vit.C Serum few times a day, it's ok for your skin to be dry sometimes and not covered with cream or serum. Use SPF everytime you are outside.

* After 10 days: Apply Vit. C Serum + Moisturizer in the morning and in the evening. Use SPF everytime you are outside.

How often should I get Microneedling Treatment?

For first time clients 3-6 sessions ( 4-6 weeks apart) are usually recommended - depends on the issue you are addressing and severity of it, as also how your skin reacts to Microneedling. Everyone's skin improves with each treatment some people experience slower improvements while others more dramatic - the only way to discover how your skin will improve is to get the treatment done.

Post Microneedling Maintenance

1 session every 6-12 months is recommended to maintain results and kicking your's skin age back every few months to a year considerating even newer, healthier skin continues to age.